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Shirley's Yogis Celebrate another wonderful year of yoga

Here are the photos that I took at High Falls Farm on Tuesday, plus one taken by Carolyn, you all look so happy, and it really was a happy event wasn't it? Allowing us to have some time to catch up with each other in such a gorgeous, peaceful setting.. the photo with everyone on the steps is fantastic.. I love it, look at those smiles.. What the future holds for High Falls Farm is in the lap of the Gods, we have certainly enjoyed quite a number of Christmas Lunches there... it would make a wonderful Yoga retreat wouldn't it???----- I must buy another Lotto ticket !!!!

It was lovely to have some of Lesley's PD ladies join us and I thank them for turning up, and I know you were all absolutely delighted .. as I certainly was... to have Chris join us, she drove up from Trinity Beach to be with us, bless her. I do miss seeing her at the hall, she was a member of the class for many, many years, and always so cheerful, I know that we all wish her well with her move into her new home in Cairns.

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