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Beginner's 6 week course. New Year, New You.

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

You may have already set your goals for 2020, or planted the seed of intention.

This 6 week beginners course will offer you the foundations of a Yoga practice both in Asana ( postures) Pranayama ( breath) and Meditation (Mind). The main principles to ensure a safe and holistic yoga practice.

Each week will flow into the next, offering you to explore the benefits of what Yoga can do for you. -Increase body awareness that reduces risk of injury or chronic pain -Increasing fluidity, strength and stability, to restore the health of the joints, spine and connective tissue -learn how to use your breath, to ground, support and nurture, decreasing stress, fear and tension -boosting self esteem and self compassion -increasing vitality and longevity! Sound too good to be true, only one way to find out!!

Reach to your true potential for health and happiness.

6 week commitment $130 Tues 6pm to 7.30pm Starts 14th January

Spaces are limited, so Please contact to confirm your spot as payment is upfront. To be paid by Monday 13th

Thank you

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