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Wayapa - Connect to Country

We were so proud that our Shala was the venue for this Wayapa session. This year, as part of the celebration of the IYD (International Yoga Day)2023 theme of Humanity, we were stocked to be one of the yoga studios across the country hosting a Wayapa Wuurk session. Wayapa Wuurk is an earth connection practice that is based on ancient indigenous wisdom that focuses on taking care of the earth as a starting point for creating Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being.

Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation is supporting Yoga Australia to complete their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) this year. The fundamental question addressed in this RAP is 'How is teaching yoga in Australia different?'. The answer lies in integrating our connection to Country, Community and Culture.

The wonderful Kija , a proud local Kuku Yalanji woman , took a small group of us through the 14 elements of Wapapa including, earth, sun, moon, wind, lightning, air, water, wind, rain, hunter, gatherer , child , creator, (I've forgotten one)

It was a valuable grounding & sharing experience which I will cherish. I feel incredibly grateful to be living and working on country and in particular this particular piece of paradise.

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