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September News

Dear Yogis,

Thank goodness for the peace offered through yoga as it’s certainly been a full-on month of August! Town has been pumping with visitors and there are a lot of tired locals needing yoga to calm, centre and let go of stress.

Its Ganesh’s birthday on Tuesday 30 August! Ganesh brings wisdom, prosperity and good fortune, and he is considered the remover of obstacles so let’s celebrate with him! We are lucky enough to have a couple of traditional wall hangings of him in the Shala so we do feel his protective and fun loving energy in our sacred space . His mantra is also often chanted there too, and we can bless ourselves and loved ones with his energy.

May Ganesha always stay as your protector and remove obstacles from your life. Wishing you and family a Happy and blessed Ganesh Chaturthi !

We are excited to be able to offer September Stiff Blokes Yoga class from next week the 1st September! Every Thursday evening from 6pm – 7pm for 5 weeks (last class 29 th Sept) the delightful Shelley will be leading blokes through some simple yoga to help with flexibility and of course release stress and to learn how to meditate. Sons (10 years and older) are also welcome to come along.. (how cool!!)

All of us know the benefits of yoga, so this is a wonderful opportunity to encourage our men and boys to enjoy the benefits too! Shelley has taken similar classes in Perth , where she is from, and has kindly offered to start the course here at our Shala before she and her husband depart Port and keep travelling the long way home.

You can call or message Shelley on 0418 912 584

Murphy’s Sacred Cacao Ceremony will take place on Sunday 25 Sept – this is a change from the usual 2nd Sunday of the month because of the cycling event. I always look forward to spending a couple of hours being blissed out with sound and an incredible meditation in savasana plus drinking the incredible cacao brew full of minerals and good stuff . Contact Murphy to reserve your space to experience for yourself, I promise you will LOVE it. 10.30 am – 12.30pm cost is $50, You can call or message and reserve your space with Murphy on 0417 698 284

Our timetable has a few changes with the departure of Jessie & Alana . Dear Noeline, is busy with a young son, a new home and a farm in Julatten which means she is no longer able to take a regular weekly class at the Shala. However, from Oct she will continue her beautiful restorative Sacred Sunday Sessions (1st Sunday of each month). During September she will be taking Otis to visit her family in N. Ireland and I will be taking over her Thursday 9.15am Julatten class for the first 3 weeks. So, we are still very much connected with her through yoga. I’m also very excited to be reconnecting with the Julatten yogis next week , who’ve I missed these past few months.

Petra is currently visiting her family in The Czech Republic, precious time spent with her dear Nanna having been apart with the Covid pandemic. I am taking her Sat 9.30am class for another week until she returns.

Tricia, Mia, Schell, Petra and I continue our regular classes with joy and gratitude.

Wishing you all Peace and Love Always ,

Lesley x

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