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Rest and Digest - a 6 week course to destress June 10

Feel like you are constantly trying to just keep your head above water? Are you like a duck who looks calm on the surface but whose legs are paddling incessantly to keep moving forward?

In life’s current circumstances (which is not far off from what could be described as the best-written science fiction) we are all a bit stressed and if we are transparent probably anxious too.

Nobody has any idea what is going to happen or what is coming next (could be absolutely anything at this point right?!)

Therefore our attachment to the outer world is continuing to grab our attention and draw us away from ourselves, the very place where we live, our bodies. If our mind is a jumble of nerves then it affects the body and vice versa.

One way of viewing anxiety is all the stories and conspiracy theories you’ve created about yourself, someone else or a situation. Stress is the result of all those projections.

What if it were possible to create a bit of SPACE within so you could experience a bit of detachment and therefore a bit more clarity and peace?

Isn’t that something you would want for someone you loved who you’ve witnessed suffering?

What if that person is you?

You CAN create a different reality. It doesn’t mean the hardships don’t come, it just means you have the means to meet challenging situations better.

I’ve created this course to assist in helping you return to yourself to gain the stability, restfulness and integration needed to live a full and content life.

This 6-week course includes asana as well as practices of pranayama, meditation, mantra, yoga Nidra, breathwork and hypnosis techniques.

If you’re ready to have some calm in your life and reclaim that sense of joy, let me know as I’d love to share this wisdom with you.

Alana - 0460 435 237

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