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New Sunday Yin class

Yin Yoga allows us the time to sit quietly within ourselves, to notice what our body and mind are telling us without judgement. Yin is a quiet practice that helps to soothe and heal by slowly easing ourselves into the postures we allow both body and mind to gradually open and soften.

Yin takes all of the physical stretching benefits of a Yoga practice and compliments them by adding in the challenge of inner quietness by remaining still within the posture, it is the mindful holding through tension or stretching that allows for the body to slowly surrender and unwind creating ease in the tissues of the body.

Without judgement, we learn to listen to our bodies, and slow down our minds. When we let go of racing thoughts, we can feel into our personal and physical limitations and so gain a better understanding of ourselves. To gently accept ourselves by staying still in the present moment, one breath at a time.

Yin can show us how to use our breath, how to calm down the entire nervous system, mind and body, by providing a space for the body to deeply relax and transform .

Yin is perfect for both beginners and advanced and aids those dealing with illness, injury or disability by encouraging the letting go of long held fears and tensions in a safe, comfortable environment. Yin gives the opportunity to experience patience with ourselves.

Join us Wed 5.30pm and Sunday 5pm

All warmly welcome ~ Mia

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