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Shala News April-May 2022

Dear yogis,

How lovely to have the rain. I hope each one of you is well and enjoying the wonderful benefits of yoga either in a home practice and/or with a class.

In his book Light on Yoga, the famous Yoga teacher B.K.S. Iyengar defines a yogi as “anyone who follows the path of Yoga”. The very minute that you begin your first study of Yoga, you become a yogi – for have you not already begun to "follow the path of Yoga” ?

You can learn Yoga any time, all the time. Yoga goes with you everywhere. It can be in the way you walk, the way you talk to people, the way you eat. You do not achieve it, you live it. You are constantly learning the wisdom of its science.

Classes continued to be offered throughout the Easter holidays and for this a big thank you to the relevant teachers x Our regular 3 Monday classes (7am Alana, 9.15am Lesley and 6pm Tricia) will also continue for the next 2 Public Holidays, Anzac Day and Labour Day.

Noeline has begun a Julatten Yoga class on a Thursday 9.15am at Geraghty Park. Personally, I am delighted that she has restarted yoga there since I finished last year as there are many wonderful yogis who have been missing a regular class. Best wishes and love for a well-supported class Noeline xx

Dear Noeline is offering a Sacred Sunday Session on Sunday 1 May. This session brings you therapeutic Yoga, Kundalini and Meditation for gut health. Practice can assist in the treatment of gut issues such as IBS and GERD as well as mental disorders of stress, depression and anxiety.

9.30am – 12pm $50 with refreshments included. Call or text 0429 492 930. Wonderful value and we thank Noeline for sharing her wisdom from her recent teachings.

We are very lucky and delighted that Murphy has locked in a monthly Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing at the Shala. If you have never experienced one before, I can recommend you try. Cacao is a medicine and during the ceremony it works its healing effect on the body while the crystal singing bowls soothe the mind. Consciousness rests in a higher state and I, for one always leave with a lighter sense of being. Murphy is the last first born of the first born of the first born (and on) for 41 generations of her Māori bloodline and has inherited tremendous healing powers. Apart from being seated the majority of the practice is lying in savasana .... what a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours !

The next session is on Sunday 15th May 10.30am – 12.30pm and costs $50.

Call or text Murphy to book on 0417 698 284

Huge gratitude to my yoga Shala partner, Tricia. She commits so much of her precious time as our treasurer, the feat of organising the class passes and doling out monies due to all our various teachers is nothing short of amazing. Plus, she carries the responsibility for payment of rent and utilities. She does this all for yoga, truly karma yoga in action. Thank you, Tricia. We are so lucky to have such a supportive collective of teachers who work together for the benefit of you, our yoga community. I’m sure many have experienced the way other studios are conducted with much of the emphasis on making money for the business ... whereas we keep the costs as low as possible for both teacher and student ... no money is made in profit by our Shala and we are able to keep the rent low to support the teachers. I feel blessed to be a part of this community founded by dear Shirley.

Gratitude and Love always to my and many, many others’ Mentor, Shirley. Shirley continues to teach at Buffs Hall every Tuesday at 9.30am. Do yourself a favour and experience her wisdom and love of yoga in her class soon.

Love and blessings,


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