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  • Lesley

Meditation for anxiety

Thursday 26 September 6pm - 7.15pm

Ever wanted to try meditation? Tried and were unsure how to keep it consistant? impatience got in the way or are you practicing yet want to explore a little further with the health benefits?

This is a class that can offer you a safe space , beginnger focused and guiding you through various techniques targeting anxiety when it is present. The studies supporting, both Yoga and Meditation, for mental health disorders, is on a rise and being kindly welcomed as a complimentry therapy. In Young adults (25-44) Anxiety and Suicide are the leading causes of burden in Australia, yet even higher in our fellow Western countries.

Lets support each other and lets support those, who support others as t 100%donations (optional) go to Suicide Prevention Australia. 🌸 Contact Noeline to secure your mat or if you have any concerns. noelinec83@gmail.com Noeline has been furthering her training with Celia Roberts in Trauma Informed Yoga and Meditation Therapy.

Creating space with love, Nols